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How to Access Ratesheets and Inspection Reports on WCIRB Connect®

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How to Access Ratesheets and Inspection Reports on WCIRB Connect®

June 29, 2016

Agents and brokers often ask how to obtain a copy of their client’s experience rating worksheet (ratesheet) or inspection report. The quickest way to access these documents is through WCIRB Connect, a free online service that agents and brokers can sign up for on Once enrolled in WCIRB Connect, an agent or broker can access their client’s experience modification and classification assignments through the user interface, and can obtain authorization to access ratesheets and inspection reports.

What constitutes valid authorization documentation

The WCIRB requires valid authorization documentation before an agent or broker may access ratesheets and inspection reports. The WCIRB will only accept the following documents as valid forms of authorization:

  1. The Policy Declaration/Information page listing your agency as the producer on the policy for the years being requesting. (A policy declaration/information page listing a different agency, such as a wholesale broker, is not acceptable.)


  1. A completed Form 810 - Letter of Authorization for Policyholder Information (LOA). The LOA must be dated on or before the access date, and signed by the policyholder specifically authorizing an agent to access the policyholder information for the selected years.

How to access the reports

Once authorization has been obtained, an agent or broker may log into WCIRB Connect and search for a policyholder by bureau number, FEIN, company name or address. The Policyholder Details page will display all of this information, as well as a policyholder’s experience modification history and classification assignments. This page will also provide access to ratesheets and inspection reports for the policyholder. Follow the steps below to successfully access a ratesheet or inspection report:

  1. Check the box next to the experience modification year(s) or inspection report location you are authorized to access. The rows should be highlighted in orange after they are checked.
  2. Click the “Authorize” icon (green check mark symbol) on the ribbon menu located on the top of the Policyholder Details page.
  3. A pop up window will display and the user must:
  • Select the authorization type (LOA or agent/broker of record). 
  • Upload either the LOA or declaration page in accordance with the guidelines detailed above.*
  • Enter their first and last name in the box provided to agree to the terms and conditions of the authorization process.
  • Complete all the required fields and click “Submit.”

A message will appear after clicking “Submit” stating that authorization has been successfully completed. The user is redirected to the Policyholder Details page of WCIRB Connect. Here, the experience modification year(s) that the user selected appear highlighted in orange, and include a hyperlink to access the ratesheet. If the user requested access to an inspection report, the address of the risk appears as a hyperlink to the report. These hyperlinks are only be available for 24 hours, after which point the user is be required to go through the authorization process once again.

Learn more about accessing reports via the “How to get rate sheets and inspection reports” link on the Policyholder Details page of WCIRB Connect, or contact WCIRB Customer Service for further assistance.

* If the documentation uploaded does not constitute valid authorization, the WCIRB will notify the user via email to upload valid authorization documentation. Failure to do so may result in the WCIRB terminating access to WCIRB Connect.

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