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President's Message

Welcome to

We’re really excited to have you visit our new website, and we hope you are too.  Our team put a lot of thought and planning into this new design with a primary goal of providing the best ‘user experience’ possible.

Insurance companies, agents and brokers, employers and policyholders, government agencies and many more of our valued customers are now able to access tools, services, research and education on their mobile devices – making it easier to interact with the WCIRB when you want, where you want.

Here are a few enhancements we believe will make your interaction with easier:

  • Intuitive Navigation – We simplified our menu items to make it easier to find content.
  • Stakeholder Pages – We’ve added portal pages for our various stakeholders: agents and brokers, employers, underwriters, premium auditors, claims adjusters, data reporters, actuaries, researchers, injured workers, government agencies and committee members.
  • Enhanced Search – Our advanced site search now includes filters by content type, topic and publication date.
  • Feedback Tab – We added a new Feedback tab on each page of the website so you can quickly share ideas for new online services and resources, and make suggestions about how to improve the experience.
  • WCIRB CompEssentials® – Our online e-learning system is designed to deliver flexible, on demand training for insurers, agents and brokers and other customer segments. 

In all we do, the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California (WCIRB) continues to focus on its core mission to foster a healthy workers’ compensation system. As a licensed rating organization in California, and the Insurance Commissioner’s designated statistical agent for workers’ compensation, the WCIRB has played a vital role in the health of the system for more than a century.

We have taken great strides forward in recent years to ensure that our products and services remain relevant to the ever-evolving California economy and the insurance marketplace. With a strong focus on customer value, business transparency and technological agility, we continue to build upon our long tradition as California’s trusted, objective provider of advisory pure premium rates, research, information, outreach and education to the workers’ compensation community.

Over the next five years of our strategic plan, we are looking to build upon a strong foundation of service guided by these core imperatives by:

  • Enhancing our members’ success through enhanced data access, analytics and insights.
  • Engaging with all stakeholders to facilitate a more efficient interaction and customer experience.
  • Advancing the health of the system with dynamic outreach, broader research and expanded educational resources.
  • Investing in Team WCIRB to continuously improve what we do, and encourage exploration in serving our constituencies in new value-driven ways.

We are thankful for the support and involvement of the WCIRB’s membership and our other stakeholders across the workers’ compensation community.  

As always, we welcome your feedback and invite your suggestions about how the WCIRB can better serve you. Please feel free to reach me directly at [email protected].

All our best to your continued success,

Bill Mudge, President and CEO
WCIRB California