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Reporting the Named Insured on Policy Data Submissions

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Reporting the Named Insured on Policy Data Submissions

April 14, 2014

Correctly reporting the named insured on policy data submissions leads to properly matching the policy to the appropriate WCIRB records, ensuring an employer’s name is proper on an experience rating worksheet, and facilitating successful policy coverage searches. See how to properly format these records.

Name Records should be reported to the WCIRB in accordance with the USRP and the WCPOLS specifications. The California Workers’ Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan—1995 (USRP), effective January 1, 2015, includes requirements for the electronic reporting of policy information including policy name reporting. The WCIRB does not edit or change name data that is reported by an insurer. Therefore, it is essential that Name Records be reported accurately to increase the probability that the reported policy data will be matched to existing policyholder data in the WCIRB’s records. In addition, the name reported on a policy will be the name used on the experience rating worksheet published by the WCIRB for that employer when applicable. Proper name reporting also facilitates successful searches for coverage information. Finally, incorrect name reporting may lead to unnecessary policy inquiries and additional work for the reporting insurer. The table below provides direction on how to properly format Name Records on policy data that is to be reported to the WCIRB.

One Name Per Record

  • Report only one name per record
  • Name records can be linked using the same Name Link Identification Number; each individual name record is then reported with a unique Continuation Sequence Number

Personal vs. Commercial

  • For each specific name record, report a Name Type Code (Position 48) of either “1” for Personal, or “2” for Commercial (String Name Type (3) is not applicable when reporting to the WCIRB)
  • Personal names should be formatted as last name, first name, middle name or initial and/or any suffix information (Sr., D.D.S., Esq., etc.); use commas as delimiters
  • Both legal business names and trade names are categorized as Commercial names

Descriptive Information in the Name Record

  • Descriptor information such as “DBA” or “a Partner” may be reported in the name record but should be in parentheses, after the name itself, in order to differentiate it from the name

The next WCIRB Data Points e-newsletters will cover how to report policy data when multiple entities are insured on a single policy.

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