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Agents and Brokers Overview

Agents and Brokers Overview

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Topics of Interest

The WCIRB offers a variety of resources to assist agents and brokers.  Answers to most of your workers' compensation questions can be quickly accessed at one of the links below.

WCIRB Connect®

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and to take advantage of the features listed below:

Classification Search

Search classifications based on keywords that are part of, or commonly associated with, classification phraseologies. Read more>

Classification and Test Audit Insight

Read our articles that  highlight common classification and test audit issues of interest to auditors, underwriters and others.

Experience Modification Estimator

Learn how experience modifications are computed and learn the likely impact of the 2017 changes to the experience rating formula on a policyholder's modification. Read more>

Online Guide to Workers' Compensation

Learn all about the workers' compensation system and the WCIRB, ownership, California's experience rating system and the Standard Classification System. Read more>


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