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MINING — underground — surface employees


This classification applies to surface employees, including mining engineers engaged in geophysical exploration, surveying and mapping of sites, of employers engaged in the underground extraction of ore and minerals, including but not limited to gold, borax, graphite, gypsum and perlite. This classification includes but is not limited to the following aboveground operations: installation, operation or maintenance of surface machinery or equipment; operation of commissaries and preparation of explosives.

This classification does not apply to any employee who is required to go underground at any time. Employees with exposure to underground mining operations shall be classified as 1123, Mining — underground — with shafts, tunnels or drifts; all employees with exposure to underground mining operations.

Surface mining operations shall be classified as 1122, Mining — surface.

Ore milling shall be separately classified as 1452, Mining — ore milling.

Also refer to companion Classification 1123, Mining — underground — with shafts, tunnels or drifts; all employees with exposure to underground mining operations.

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MINING — Surface Employees of underground mining

Classification 1124 shall not be used for division of payroll in connection with Classification 1122, Mining, unless the operation described by Classification 1124 constitutes a separate and distinct enterprise having no connection with the operations covered by Classification 1122.

This classification includes commissary department employees, watchpersons and all employees engaged in any work incidental to or in connection with the construction of buildings, the reconditioning, preparation, development, operation and/or maintenance of the project, including the operation of tramways not connected with underground haulage, the installation of surface equipment and surface machinery, construction of roads, the clearing of ground, construction, repair and maintenance of flumes, ditches, sluice boxes, water systems, power lines, buildings, structures or equipment, and the operation of blacksmith shops, sawmills, machine shops, car repair shops, mechanical gold separators, and drivers and their helpers.

This classification shall not include superintendents, mine forepersons, mining engineers, shift bosses, fire bosses, specimen bosses, shaft employees, timber employees, skip tenders, pump employees, highgraders or any other employee required to go underground. Ore milling shall be separately classified.

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