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Classification Search

The Classification Search helps you locate classifications based on keywords that are part of, or commonly associated with, classification phraseologies. Enter a search term or classification code below to begin your search. Narrow your search by choosing an industry group or related classifications from the "Filter By" pulldown menu. Refer to the Insurance Commissioner's rules regarding the Standard Classification System in Part 3, Standard Classification System, of the California Workers' Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan—1995 (USRP).

Standard Classifications

Click on a phraseology or code in the search results below to view detailed information such as phraseology, footnotes, rules and pure premium rates for that classification. To view the search results in alphabetical order, click on the "Phraseology" link at the top of the column. To view the search results in numerical order, click on the "Code" link at the top of the column.

Code Phraseology
8046 STORES — automobile or truck parts or accessories — wholesale or retail — including Inside Salespersons or Outside Salespersons
8066 STORES — bicycles and bicycle accessories — wholesale or retail — including repairs or rental operations
8071 STORES — books, video media or recorded audio media — retail
8008 STORES — clothing, shoes, linens or fabric products — retail — including alteration department
8032 STORES — clothing, shoes, linen or fabric products — wholesale
8062 STORES — computer — wholesale or retail — including Outside Salespersons
8039 STORES — department stores — retail — including Clerical Office Employees, Clerical Telecommuter Employees and Outside Salespersons
8013(2) STORES — eyewear — wholesale or retail
8117 STORES — feed, tack and farm supplies — retail
8042 STORES — floor covering — wholesale or retail — carpet, rugs, vinyl or linoleum — including showroom sales
8001 STORES — florists — wholesale or retail — including delivery, set up and service away from premises
8006(2) STORES — fruit or vegetables — retail
8015 STORES — furniture — wholesale or retail
8004 STORES — garden supplies — wholesale or retail — N.O.C.
8061 STORES — convenience — retail
8006(1) STORES — groceries — retail
8010 STORES — hardware, electrical or plumbing supplies — wholesale or retail
8017(7) STORES — hardware — retail
8013(1) STORES — jewelry — wholesale or retail
8063 STORES — lighting fixtures — wholesale or retail
8031 STORES — meat, fish or poultry — retail
8021 STORES — meat, fish or poultry — wholesale
8064 STORES — office supplies — wholesale or retail
8065 STORES — paint or paint supplies — wholesale or retail
8017(1) STORES — retail — N.O.C.
8059 STORES — tile — wholesale or retail
8110 STORES — welding supplies — wholesale or retail — including the charging of welding cylinders
8018 STORES — wholesale — N.O.C.
8060 STORES — wine, beer or spirits — retail
8041 STORES — wine or spirits — wholesale — including blending, rectifying or bottling

The Classification Search was developed by the WCIRB for your convenience to help you identify Standard Classifications based on keywords or a classification code. However, you cannot rely solely on the Classification Search and must make an independent assessment when determining the appropriate classification(s) assignable to a risk in accordance with the USRP.