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2016 Experience Modifications are Here!

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2016 Experience Modifications are Here!

October 21, 2015

Marking a significant change in the timely availability of first quarter experience modifications, the WCIRB – upon the Insurance Commissioner’s approval of the WCIRB’s proposal to base experience rating eligibility on expected loss rates – began publishing 2016 experience modifications in September. As of mid-October, we have already published over 20,000 experience modifications with first quarter 2016 effective dates!

As always, authorized users may access experience modifications and download experience rate sheets via WCIRB Connect™ ( Users can also use the “Subscribe to X-Mod Direct” feature to request an email notification whenever an experience modification for a specified policyholder is published.

Improved Access to Classification Details

Based on valuable feedback received from our WCIRB Connect customers, we have launched two new features this month that make WCIRB Connect even easier to use. Available at the top of every page, next to the Bureau Number quick search box, you will notice a new Classification Code quick search box. Enter a class code in this box to view:

  • Advisory pure premium rates, wage thresholds and expected loss rates for the past five years  
  • Abbreviated classification wordings for the specific four-digit class code and any suffixes         
  • Key classification detail including Dual Wage indicator (if applicable), Companion Classification (if applicable), Industry Group, Retro Hazard group, NAICS Sector, Indemnity Loss Development Group (ILDG), Medical Loss Development Group (MLDG), and indicators as to whether the classification includes Clerical Office Employees, Outside Salespersons, or permanent yards.

In addition, we have added a link that takes you directly to’s most popular feature: Classification Search. Use Classification Search to find complete classification phraseologies by simply entering any word contained in the classification or by entering a keyword that is associated to the classification.

We are continuously looking for customer feedback regarding how we’re doing. Please email [email protected] if you have anything to share with us.

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