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AUTOMOBILE OR TRUCK DEALERS — all employees other than vehicle salespersons — including estimators, service writers, vehicle maintenance and repair, shuttle drivers, accessory or spare parts sales and the transporting of vehicles that are owned by the employer


This classification applies to dealers of motor vehicles, including but not limited to automobiles, trucks, buses, forklift trucks, golf carts, motor homes and trailers. This classification applies only to those employers having, in addition to proprietors, a regular sales force engaged exclusively in the demonstration and sale of vehicles and separate clerical staff. If these conditions do not exist, Classification 8391 does not apply. If Classification 8391 does not apply and the employer performs vehicle repair work, assign the applicable vehicle repair classification(s) and if the employer performs no vehicle repairing, assign Classification 8392, Automobile or Truck Storage Garages or Parking Stations or Lots, to employees who perform activities such as cleaning and washing vehicles, changing tires and recharging batteries.

Also refer to companion Classification 8748, Automobile or Truck Dealers — vehicle salespersons.

This classification also applies to yard and repair employees of employers that operate auctions for the sale of automobiles and trucks. Auction salespersons who conduct no yard or repair-type operations shall be classified as 8748, Automobile or Truck Dealers — vehicle salespersons.

This classification also applies to yard, repair and maintenance employees of employers engaged in automobile or truck rental, automobile or truck driving schools, or the transport of individual automobiles or trucks between locations ("Driveaway" companies).

Towing, roadside assistance, and freeway service patrol operations when conducted on vehicles not owned by the employer shall be separately classified as 7227, Automobile or Truck Towing, Roadside Assistance or Freeway Service Patrol.

"Roadside assistance" refers to services provided to the vehicle owner under an agreement with a third party (such as a motor club or law enforcement agency). Contemplated services include changing tires, jump-starting batteries, replacing batteries, supplying a small amount of gasoline or performing minor vehicle repairs such as reattaching ignition wires or battery cables.

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Employers engaged in the manufacture of automobile bodies (not complete automobiles or motorcycles) shall be classified as 2797(2), Automobile Body Mfg.

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