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Weight Loss Industry

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Weight Loss Industry

April 23, 2014

In this edition: Reviewing the classifications applicable to various types of weight loss programs and services.

There is no single classification that specifically describes the various operations in the weight loss industry. Accordingly, most businesses in this industry must be classified by analogy based on the provisions found in the California Workers' Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan (USRP) Part 3, Standard Classification System, Section III, General Classification Procedures, Rule 1b.

Medically Based Programs

Some weight loss businesses are medical in nature. Some employ physicians to perform bariatric surgical procedures. Other medical weight loss programs involve a physical examination by a medical professional for the purpose of developing a nutrition and exercise program for each patient, with ongoing office visits to monitor the patient's health and progress and to provide support and advice. Medically based programs generally do not sell food products to patients and do not maintain exercise or fitness equipment for use by patients. Medically based weight loss programs that operate in this manner are assignable to Classification 8834, Physicians - all employees - including Clerical Office Employees.

Physical Activity Based Programs

Some weight loss programs are based on exercise, physical conditioning and training. These programs generally operate at a gym, athletic club or exercise studio. These programs employ personal trainers, instructors and coaches to teach and assist clients in a variety of physical activities. Weight loss programs based on physical activities such as weight lifting, aerobics and other physical exercise and training are assignable to Classification 9053(2), Exercise or Health Institutes - all employees - including restaurant employees and receptionists. Snack bars or pro shops operated in connection with an exercise facility are included in Classification 9053(2).

Nutrition Based Programs

Nutrition based weight loss programs often feature packaged meals, snacks and beverages that are sold to clients. Clients typically visit program locations on a scheduled basis to receive advice, counseling, support and updates on progress, and to purchase packaged food onsite or through a home delivery program. Employees who handle the packaged food, whether at a program location or central distribution facility, are assignable to Classification 8017(1), Stores - retail - N.O.C. Employees whose duties are limited to providing advice, counseling, support and updates on progress in an office setting are assignable to Classification 8810(1), Clerical Office Employees.

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