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Construction Dual Wage Surveys are Underway

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Construction Dual Wage Surveys are Underway

July 30, 2014

As part of its administration of the Standard Classification System in California, the WCIRB studies dual wage construction classifications periodically and recommends changes to the wage thresholds when appropriate. Proposed wage threshold changes are submitted to the Insurance Commissioner as part of a WCIRB filing, and, after providing an opportunity for public comment, the Insurance Commissioner has the authority to approve, reject or modify the WCIRB's proposal.

The WCIRB conducts studies of several dual wage classifications each year with the goal of studying all dual wage classifications at least once every three years. To conduct the study, the WCIRB sends a wage rate survey to policyholders requesting employee hourly pay rates by classification for a designated payroll period. Beginning in late July, the WCIRB will mail wage rate surveys to several hundred employers who have developed payroll under one or more of the dual wage classifications listed below:

5403/5432 Carpentry
5632/5633 Steel Framing
5027/5028 Masonry
5201/5205 Concrete or Cement Work
5446/5447 Wallboard Application
5467/5470 Glaziers

As needed, WCIRB representatives may contact employers directly to obtain the survey information. The survey information and other payroll and loss information contained in WCIRB records will be compiled, analyzed and presented for review to the WCIRB Classification and Rating and Governing Committees in aggregate form with no individual employer information provided in the study. Based on the Committees' review, the study may lead to proposed changes to wage thresholds for the classifications listed above. If so, the changes will be proposed to the Insurance Commissioner for approval effective January 1, 2016.

The study will be reviewed by the Committees in 2015 and included in the agenda and minutes available on the WCIRB website. To be notified automatically when committee agenda and minutes are released, subscribe to the Committee Documents email list.

If you have questions concerning this matter, please contact WCIRB Customer Service at 888.229.2472.

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