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Education on Demand in 2015

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Education on Demand in 2015

January 28, 2015

In case you missed it during the rush of January 1 renewals, the WCIRB launched two new Education on Demand learning modules in late 2014.

  • Module 4: Experience Modification Calculation
    The fourth module in the experience rating series provides an explanation of the values used in the experience rating calculation. This module is located in the Learning Center of the website along with the three prior modules.
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance Fundamentals for Employers
    This module was developed with employers in mind, but is a good resource for anyone who would like to learn more about the WCIRB and its functions, and the basics regarding classification, experience rating, ownership and the final premium audit. This module is located in the Employers section of the website.

The Education on Demand modules are among the most popular content on the WCIRB website. For 2015, the WCIRB plans to expand its online education offerings with several new Education on Demand modules, live and recorded webinars, and new online workers' compensation e-learning courses. Content that had previously been available only by attending a live seminar will instead now be offered online, making it more convenient and accessible to everyone. More information will be coming this summer.

Your feedback is valuable in helping us develop the online education program. If you want to suggest a topic for future education modules, please email [email protected]

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