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California Workers’ Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan—1995
Effective January 1, 2018

Part 3, Standard Classification System, Section III, General Classification Procedures, Rule 4, Standard Exceptions, Subrule a, Clerical Office Employees

4. Standard Exceptions

Employees engaged in the clerical office or outside sales functions described below are referred to as Standard Exception Employees. If a standard classification specifically includes Clerical Office Employees or Outside Salespersons, such employees shall be assigned to the standard classification, regardless of whether the work is conducted at the same or at a separate location. It is not permissible to divide a single employee’s payroll, within a single policy period, between a Standard Exception classification and any other classification with the exception of a single permanent job reassignment. Otherwise, the remuneration of Standard Exception Employees is subject to division of payroll in connection with all other classifications in accordance with the following: 

  1. Classification 8810, Clerical Office Employees

    Clerical Office Employees are defined as those employees whose duties are confined to keeping the books, records or cash of the employer; conducting correspondence; using computers; dispatching; recording weights; or who are engaged wholly in general office work or office drafting, having no regular duty of a non-clerical nature in the service of the employer. Except as otherwise provided in this Rule, the entire payroll of any employee who is engaged in operations performed by Clerical Office Employees and also is exposed (1) to any operative hazard of the business or (2) to any outside selling or collecting work, shall be assigned to the highest rated classification of work to which the employee is so exposed. Supervisors and clerks, such as time, stock or tally clerks, whose work is necessary, in connection with or related to any operations of the business other than clerical office operations shall not be classified as Clerical Office Employees. Classification 8810, Clerical Office Employees, shall be applied only to the payroll of persons herein described who work exclusively in areas that are separated from all other work places of the employer by buildings, floors, partitions, railings or counters and within which no work is performed other than clerical office or drafting duties as defined in this Rule.