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California Workers’ Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan—1995
Effective September 1, 2022

Part 3, Standard Classification System, Section III, General Classification Procedures, Rule 6, General Exclusions


  1. General Exclusions

    Subject to division of payroll rules, the following operations are excluded from all classifications, including Standard Exceptions, unless specifically included in the language of the classification. Operations described by general exclusions shall require division of payroll, notwithstanding that the classification wording may include the term all as in such phrases as all employees, all operations, etc.

    1. Aircraft operation – all members of the flying crew.
    2. New construction, remodeling, erection or installation work, whether done by the insured’s employees or by contractors.
    3. Maintenance or repair work if performed by contractors.
    4. Foundry operations.
    5. Asbestos abatement.
    6. Day care services if provided by the employer primarily for the use of its employees’ dependents.
    7. Unmanned Aircraft System (aerial drone) operation – aircraft system and payload total combined weight of 55 pounds or heavier – all members of the operating crew. Operating crew members working remotely from a home or office location with no exposure outside of the clerical office shall be classified as 8810, Clerical Office Employees, or 8871, Clerical Telecommuter Employees, subject to the Standard Exceptions rule.