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This classification applies to the manufacture of industrial ovens or kilns, or commercial or household furnaces. This classification also applies to the manufacture of metal fireplaces, gas or propane space heaters, paint booth heaters, industrial clothes dryers and crematory equipment.

The installation, service or repair of industrial ovens or kilns shall be classified as 3724(1), Millwright Work.

The installation, service and repair of heaters and furnaces within commercial and residential buildings shall be classified as 5183(3)/5187(3), Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment, provided the same employer does not engage in the installation of ductwork at the same job or location. The installation and repair of heating and air conditioning equipment where ductwork installation is performed by the employer at the same job or location shall be classified as 5538(2)/5542(2), Heating and Air Conditioning Ductwork.

The manufacture of portable electric space heaters shall be classified as 3570, Electric Appliance Mfg.

The manufacture of wood burning stoves, or gas or electric commercial or household stoves or ovens used in cooking or baking food shall be classified as 3169(1), Stove or Oven Mfg.

The manufacture of commercial and household water heaters if 50% or more of the metal used is lighter than #9 gauge shall be classified as 3169(2), Water Heater Mfg. If more than 50% of the metal used is #9 gauge or heavier, the manufacture of commercial and household water heaters shall be classified as 3620(1), Boiler Mfg.

The manufacture of swimming pool and spa water heaters shall be classified as 3501(2), Machinery Mfg. – swimming pool and spa.

The manufacture of commercial food processing equipment or machinery shall be classified as 3560(1), Machinery Mfg. – commercial food processing equipment.

The manufacture of autoclaves shall be separately classified.

Foundry operations shall be separately classified.


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Foundry operations shall be separately classified.

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