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Gearing Up for 2018 Experience Modifications

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Gearing Up for 2018 Experience Modifications

September 13, 2017

Following the Insurance Commissioner’s Decision on the WCIRB’s January 1, 2018 Regulatory Filing, the WCIRB is busy issuing 2018 experience modifications (X-Mods). For more information on the Decision and to view the complete filing, click here. Here are ways that agents, brokers and insurers can stay informed on the status of an experience modification through WCIRB Connect:

Sign Up for X-Mod Direct®

The X-Mod Direct feature in WCIRB Connect automatically notifies users of any changes to an experience modification for a specific policyholder. Setting an alert is easy and free. While logged into WCIRB Connect, from the Policyholder Details screen, look for the "Subscribe to X-Mod Direct" ribbon button at the top of the screen. Click on the button to subscribe and receive an email notification whenever an experience modification is published for this account.

Using WCIRB Connect to See X-Mod Status

Insurer and agent/broker WCIRB Connect users can view the X-Mod status for any policyholder's Bureau Number from the Policyholder Details page. In addition, insurer users may use the Search Pending Ratings feature to find X-Mods for their own policies that have not been issued due to Missing Experience or Experience Rating errors. By clicking on the X-Mod Status field, the user can view details regarding the cause of the delay. For tips on using WCIRB Connect, log in and view the Quick Start Guides in the Knowledge Center.

Reasons Why an Experience Modification may not be Published:

While the WCIRB successfully publishes most experience modifications at least 60 days prior to their effective date, there are times when an X-Mod cannot be published due to missing or incomplete data. The following are the most common reasons that the WCIRB cannot publish an X-Mod: 

  • Missing Experience
    One or more Unit Statistical Reports (USR) within the established experience period has not yet been submitted by the insurer(s).
  • Experience Rating (ER) Error on the USR
    All the USRs have been received from the insurer(s), but one or more contain errors which require correction by the insurer
  • Missing Current Coverage
    The insurer has not submitted current workers’ compensation coverage information for the employer to the WCIRB.

Experience Rating Educational Resources on

The Experience Rating page in the Learning Center of is the place to find articles covering the experience rating process and online tools like the Experience Modication Estimator. Visit the Experience Rating page at:

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