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General Inclusions

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General Inclusions

November 25, 2015

The California Workers’ Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan—1995, at Part 3, Standard Classification System, Section III, General Classification Procedures, Rule 5, General Inclusions, provides a list of operations that are included in all classifications. As General Inclusions, these listed operations are assigned to the classification that otherwise describes and applies to the business, unless they are conducted as a separate and distinct enterprise having no relation to other operations of business.  

5. General Inclusions

The operations listed below are included in all classifications other than Standard Exception classifications. Except as provided in Section VII, Standard Classifications, general inclusions shall not be separately classified, all other provisions contained herein notwithstanding. Any operation described by a general inclusion shall nevertheless be subject to division of payroll if conducted as a separate and distinct enterprise and having no relation to the operations described by any other classification.

  1. Aircraft travel by employees, other than members of the flying crew, including employees whose payroll is assigned to the Standard Exception classifications.
  2. Commissaries.
  3. Manufacturing of containers, such as bags, barrels, bottles, boxes, cans, cartons or packing cases.
  4. Plant dispensaries.
  5. Maintenance or ordinary repair of the employer’s buildings or equipment when performed by employees of the employer.
  6. Printing and lithography.
  7. Stamping, welding, drilling and blasting.
  8. Research laboratories.
  9. Drivers and their helpers.
  10. Supervisors whose work is necessary, incidental or appurtenant to any operations of the business.


For example, Subrule a clarifies that when an employee flies as a passenger on an aircraft, such travel has no bearing on the classification applicable to the employee. Subrule b specifies that commissaries, such as company cafeterias, are not separately classified. Subrule i indicates that in California drivers are included in the classification of the business; some other jurisdictions have a separate classification for drivers.

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