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Going Green - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle at the WCIRB

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Going Green - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle at the WCIRB

April 22, 2015

Last week, the WCIRB issued a pair of bulletins (Bulletin No. 2015-08 and Bulletin No. 2015-09) focused on our efforts to improve the efficiency of our communications while reducing both member costs and our impact on the environment. On this, the forty-fifth anniversary of the first Earth Day, it seems appropriate to share with our members and others in the California workers’ compensation community both what the WCIRB is doing to “go green” as well as all of the ways that you can partner with us in this important effort.

For Insurers:
The WCIRB is actively engaged with its members to eliminate the submission of paper policies and to complete the transition to all electronic reporting. Almost 99% of insurers are approved to report policies, cancellations and reinstatements electronically, while approximately 65% of insurers are approved to report endorsements electronically. This saves hundreds of thousands of pieces of paper annually!

In addition to decreasing the volume of incoming paper, we have put in place the tools to replace virtually all outgoing paper with easy electronic access. Experience rating worksheets, inspection reports, USR and policy correspondence, and USR control, fine and delinquent lists can all be received electronically either by subscribing to an Insurer Data Exchange Product or by downloading directly from WCIRB Connect™. To learn more about these data exchange products, see the Insurer Data Exchange Products page on To learn more about WCIRB Connect, see the WCIRB Connect page on, or sign up for a scheduled webinar to learn about all of WCIRB Connect’s features.

For Agents and Brokers:
Almost all agents and brokers that interact regularly with the WCIRB have already made the transition to WCIRB Connect as their primary channel for accessing the information they need to provide service to their policyholders and clients. By using WCIRB Connect, the need for providing hard copy documents has been virtually eliminated.

For Anyone Seeking Coverage Information: 
Injured workers and others needing to know the name of the insurer that provided coverage for a specified policyholder should use the website for instant access to coverage information. In many cases, using this website eliminates the need to submit hard copy forms.

If you have any questions about the WCIRB’s online services or other electronic data products, email [email protected] or visit the Products and Services page on

To learn more about Earth Day events in your community, visit

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