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Helpful Resources for Employers

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Helpful Resources for Employers

July 27, 2016

Workers’ compensation insurance is complex and can be daunting for employers in California. Many employers commonly seek assistance to understand how their business is classified, how their experience modification is calculated, what should be expected at the final audit of their policy, what to do if they have a dispute with the insurer or the WCIRB, and other questions about the California workers’ compensation system.

 Agents and brokers play an important role in educating employers, guiding them through the many aspects of workers’ compensation insurance. The WCIRB has resources to assist with educating employers and answering many of their common questions. The Employers page on ( provides extensive informational and educational resources that agents and brokers and insurers can access and share with employers. Below are some of the resources available and ways the WCIRB can help if further assistance is needed. 

 Time Cards, Audited Payroll and Classification Inspections

 Click on the links below to read more about each topic. All information can easily be printed. 

Free Policyholder Ratesheet Requests

When an employer has a question or is unclear about their experience modification, they can request a free copy of their experience rating worksheet (ratesheet) and see the payroll and claims information used in the calculation. To get a free ratesheet, employers can complete the Policyholder Information and Free Ratesheet Request form on

Assistance from the WCIRB Policyholder Ombudsman

The WCIRB Policyholder Ombudsman can help employers with questions about their workers’ compensation insurance policy, lead them through the relevant workers’ compensation rules and regulations, and act as an intermediary during the dispute process.

The Policyholder Ombudsman and representatives from the WCIRB’s Classification and Test Audit department are available to meet with employer associations and conduct presentations covering a variety of workers’ compensation insurance topics. To request a speaker for an employer association, representatives can fill out the WCIRB Ombudsman Speaker Request Form. There is no fee for these services. 

Learn more about what the Ombudsman can do for employers>

If an agent or broker has questions regarding an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy, they can contact the WCIRB Contact Center

These are just a few of the resources that the WCIRB has available for employers. Agents and Brokers and Insurers are encouraged to direct employers and policyholders to more helpful information found on the Employers page on              

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