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Helpful Tools and Educational Resources in WCIRB Connect® 

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Helpful Tools and Educational Resources in WCIRB Connect® 

April 26, 2017

WCIRB Connect offers insurers, agents and brokers so many features and options to quickly access policyholder information that it might be hard to keep track of them all. This edition of News and Notes highlights some easy-to-use tools and educational resources found in WCIRB Connect that users might have missed.

X-Mod Direct®
Insurers, agents and brokers can receive instant email notifications of changes to experience modifications for a specific policyholder or corresponding WCIRB Bureau Number. To set up these email alerts, click on the “Subscribe to X-Mod Direct” link at the top of the Policyholder Details page in WCIRB Connect. Users can subscribe to an unlimited number of X-Mod Direct email alerts and can manage their subscriptions at any time by going to Menu > X-Mod Subscriptions.

Bureau Number Quick Search
At the top of every page of WCIRB Connect is a search field where Users can simply type in a policyholder’s Bureau Number to quickly retrieve associated policyholder records.

Classification Code Quick Search
Next to the Bureau Number quick search box is a Classification Code quick search box. Users can enter a classification code in this box to view the related:

  • Advisory pure premium rates, wage thresholds and expected loss rates for the past five years
  • Abbreviated classification wordings for the specific four-digit class code and any suffixes        
  • Key classification detail including Dual Wage indicator (if applicable), Companion Classification (if applicable), Industry Group, Retro Hazard group, NAICS Sector, Indemnity Loss Development Group (ILDG), Medical Loss Development Group (MLDG), and indicators as to whether the classification includes Clerical Office Employees, Outside Salespersons, or permanent yards.

Conveniently located next to the Classification Code quick search box is a link to the Classification Search tool on which allows users to search for applicable classification phraseologies and related footnotes or rules by simply entering a keyword or associated classification code.

WCIRB Connect Knowledge Center
The WCIRB provides quick start guides, FAQs and how-to manuals to help users maximize their experience in WCIRB Connect. These helpful documents can be accessed in the Knowledge Center, which is located on the right side of the WCIRB Connect homepage. The Knowledge Center also includes links to the USRP, ERP, Experience Modification Estimator and WCIRB regulatory and pure premium rate filing documents.

 For more information on WCIRB Connect features, view the WCIRB Connect page on

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