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Information on Proposed 2018 Classification Changes on

July 26, 2017

The WCIRB recently submitted its January 1, 2018 Regulatory Filing, which included proposed changes to the California Workers’ Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan—1995 (USRP) and the Standard Classification System. These proposed changes stemmed from studies performed by the WCIRB Classification Research team to ensure that USRP provisions and classifications continue to align with the changing California economy and evolving business operations.

The WCIRB hosted three webinars to discuss the proposed changes and to address questions about the changes. If you missed these webinars, you may now access the video recordings and presentation materials for each webinar on the Webinars page in the Learning Center on Links are also provided below:

  • Video Media, Audio Media and Book StoresThe WCIRB has proposed to establish a new classification that will consolidate retail video stores, book stores and audio media stores into a single classification.
    View the video recording>
    Download the presentation slides>
  • Athletic or Fitness Instructional Programs, Spas and Baths
    The WCIRB has proposed to establish a new classification for operations that offer athletic or fitness instructional programs and have proposed other changes related to the classification of spas and baths.
    View the video recording>
    Download the presentation slides>
  • Security Systems, Audio/Video Systems, Office Machines, Computer Systems, Telephone Systems and Instruments Installation, Service or Repair
    The WCIRB has proposed revisions to existing classifications and the addition of six new classifications to the Standard Classification System  related to the classification procedures for installation, service or repair of building security systems, audio/video systems, office machines, computer systems, telephone systems and instruments.
    View the video recording>
    Download the presentation slides>

What’s Next

The California Department of Insurance will hold a public hearing on August 15, 2017 to hear testimony and consider the WCIRB's Filing and these proposed classification changes. You can view more information about the hearing on the January 1, 2018 Regulatory Filings page of

Upcoming Webinar

The New Classification Inspection Report
Wednesday, August 16, 2017, 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM PT

The Classification Inspection Report provides details about the classifications that were assigned to the business at the time of the WCIRB classification inspection. Join Paul Kim for a section-by-section tour of the information contained in the Classification Inspection Report and learn about recent enhancements.
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