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Recent Data Call Changes

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Recent Data Call Changes

Whenever there is a change in data call requirements, the eSCAD® primary contact and other impacted eSCAD users are alerted by email. This page provides documentation of such changes. Data call submitters are encouraged to periodically visit this page to note any new changes to data call requirements or instructions.

Changes to Calendar Year 2015 Expense Call (Updated 2/1/2016) PDF
Changes to Calendar Year 2015 Aggregate Indemnity and Medical Costs Call (Updated 2/1/2016) PDF
1/1/2016 Change in Reporting of IBR/IMR Costs (Updated 2/1/2016) PDF

Changes in Data Call Instructions (shown with tracked changes)

Quarterly Calls 11/30/15 2/1/2016
Large Deductible Call     11/30/15  
Aggregate Indemnity and Medical Costs Call  11/30/15 2/1/2016
Expense Call       11/30/15 2/1/2016
Data Certification Form    11/30/15  
Abridged Calendar Year Call        11/30/15