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Reminders: X-Mod Direct® and Comprehensive Risk Summary Report

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Reminders: X-Mod Direct® and Comprehensive Risk Summary Report

May 28, 2014

WCIRB Connect includes a number of features designed to make policy quoting and underwriting more convenient for insurers, agents and brokers. In this edition of News and Notes, learn about two of these features: X-Mod Direct® and the Comprehensive Risk Summary® Report.

X-Mod Direct is a feature of WCIRB Connect that automatically notifies you of any changes to an experience modification for a specific policyholder. Setting an alert is easy and free. While logged into WCIRB Connect, from the Policyholder Details screen, look for the "Subscribe to X-Mod Direct" ribbon button at the top of the screen. Click on the button to subscribe and receive an e-mail notification whenever an experience modification is published for this account.

You can subscribe to an unlimited number of accounts, and can access a list of all of your X-Mod Direct subscriptions at any time in WCIRB Connect by clicking Menu > X-Mod Subscriptions. From this screen, you can also unsubscribe to any accounts you no longer wish to monitor.

The Comprehensive Risk Summary report is a brand new feature available through WCIRB Connect. This report provides a summary of the policyholder's experience rating information including:

  • The policyholder's last 10 years of experience modifications
  • The WCIRB assigned classifications for the policyholder
  • Additional names reported on any current policies  

Access the Comprehensive Risk Summary report via WCIRB Connect from the Policyholder Details screen by clicking the Comprehensive Risk Summary report ribbon button. The report is free to view, download and print.

WCIRB Connect Enrollment

These are just two of the many features offered as part of your WCIRB Connect enrollment. Access to WCIRB Connect is free to WCIRB member insurers and for licensed insurance agents and brokers. For more enrollment information, click on a link below:

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