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Searching for an X-Mod on WCIRB's Free Online Service

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Searching for an X-Mod on WCIRB's Free Online Service

September 30, 2014

In this edition, quickly finding an X-Mod online.

The WCIRB's free online service for licensed agents and brokers and insurers, available at, provides access to experience modifications right from your desktop and in some cases can help you determine why an experience modification has not been issued. The service will even email you when a specific X-Mod is issued. All of these features save you time.

Searching for an Experience Modification

  1. The fastest way to search for an X-Mod is with the Bureau Number. Once you have logged into, enter the Bureau Number into the search field at the top of the screen and click GO. This will bring you straight to the Policyholder Details page and the risk's X-Mod history, if they have one.
  2. By selecting the magnifying glass icon located on the tool bar, you can access the Policyholder Search screen. Here you can search through the WCIRB's policy records by entering one of the following:

Bureau Number, or
FEIN, or
Policyholder Name and Policy Effective Date range.

Note: The Policyholder Effective Date range does not need to match the actual policy period as it is a search for policies that incept within that date range on our system. We recommend that you include prior years in your search in case there is no current coverage on file for a policyholder.

On the Policyholder Results page, click on the Bureau Number hyperlink to access the Policyholder Details page and the risk's X-Mod history. If a policyholder does not qualify for an X-Mod, that ARD year will be marked as "DNQ."

Name Search Tips

Enter 3 or more characters to perform a wildcard match to find policyholders that have those letters in their name. For example, entering "Pil" would retrieve everything from "Pilot" to "My Pilates" to "Soft Pillow."

For more tips on searching, browse the training material found in the Knowledge Center after logging into the online system.