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Swimming Classifications

May 15, 2019

The weather is starting to warm up, and soon it will be a good time to go for a swim. Quite a few classifications apply to swimming facilities and swimming-related operations. Much of the information on classifying swimming-related operations is listed in Classification 9053(3), Swimming Pools or Swimming Clubs:

SWIMMING POOLS OR SWIMMING CLUBS – including restaurant employees, retail store employees and receptionists

This classification applies to the operation of public swimming pools. This classification also applies to swim clubs that operate pool facilities. This classification also applies to swimming, diving, scuba diving and water safety instruction performed in swimming pools.

Competitive swim clubs or teams that do not operate pool facilities shall be classified as 9182, Athletic Teams or Athletic Facilities – all employees other than players, umpires, referees and game officials.

Health clubs or gyms operating facilities that provide space and exercise equipment, including but not limited to cardiovascular equipment, weight machines and free weights available for at-will use by clients for the majority of operating hours, including swimming pool operations provided in connection therewith, shall be classified as 9053(2), Health Clubs or Gyms.

Tennis or racquetball clubs, including swimming pool operations provided in connection therewith, shall be classified as 9053(5), Clubs – racquet sports. Non-profit community health and wellness clubs shall be classified as 9067(1), Clubs – community health and wellness.

The operation of water parks shall be classified as 9016(1)/9180(1), Amusement or Recreational Facilities – N.O.C.

Water-based athletic or fitness instructional programs at locations other than swimming pools, including but not limited to surfing, scuba, kayaking, paddle boarding, and kite surfing lessons and tours on lakes, bays, rivers or oceans, shall be classified as 9180(1), Amusement or Recreational Facilities – N.O.C. – operation and maintenance of amusement devices.


If you are asked to classify a lifeguard, Classification 9053(3) is a good place to start. As indicated in the description of Classification 9053(3), however, swimming operations are often also associated with Classifications 9182, 9053(2), 9053(5), 9067(1), 9016(1) and 9180(1), when these classifications describe the basic business operations of the employer.

If you are classifying an independent swim coach or instructor who does not operate a pool or swim facility, Classification 8870, Fitness Instruction Programs or Studios, applies as it references specialized coaching by employers not engaged in any facility operations. The pertinent part of Classification 8870 states:

FITNESS INSTRUCTION PROGRAMS OR STUDIOS – all employees – including receptionists   

This classification applies to fitness instruction programs or fitness studios that provide scheduled fitness or training classes, including but not limited to martial arts, gymnastics, dance and yoga. This classification is limited to fitness instruction where facility space and exercise equipment is not available for use by clients on an at-will basis during the majority of operating hours. This classification also applies to fitness-based classes or training sessions, including but not limited to personal training and specialized coaching by employers not engaged in any facility operations, such as independent golf and tennis instructors.


Swimming pool operations are also often performed as ancillary operations in connection with the following classifications: 9060, Clubs – country or golf; 9011(1), Apartment or Condominium Complex Operation; 9007, Apartment or Condominium Complex Operation for Seniors; 9015(1), Building Operation – N.O.C. – all other employees; 9011(2), Commercial and Residential Mixed-Use Building Operation; 9010, Mobile Home Park Operation; 9050(1), Hotels; 9050(2), Motels; 9066, Homeowners Associations, and; 9054, Spas or Baths.

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