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Submitting Ownership Information through WCIRB Connect®

November 8, 2017

The Ownership Information Submission feature in WCIRB Connect provides insurers, agents and brokers a convenient way to notify the WCIRB of relevant ownership information for their policyholders. Use the Ownership Information Submission tool to alert the WCIRB when:

  • Some or all of the ownership or assets of a business are sold, transferred or conveyed to another person or business; or
  • Two businesses do not share common ownership, but the WCIRB has combined them for experience rating; or
  • Two businesses do share common ownership and the WCIRB has not combined them for experience rating.

How to Access

  • Agents and Brokers can access the Ownership Information Submission feature by clicking on the new Submit Ownership Information button on the top ribbon of the Policyholder Details page of WCIRB Connect. 
  • Insurers can access the feature by clicking on the new Submit Ownership button on the top ribbon of the View Policy page on WCIRB Connect.

If you or other individuals who submit ownership information to the WCIRB on behalf of your organization do not have a WCIRB Connect user account, please go to the WCIRB Connect information page on to find out how to obtain a WCIRB Connect user account.

Tips to Using the Ownership Information Submission Tool

The Ownership Information Submission feature will guide the user through a series of prompts to ensure that the user provides detailed and accurate ownership change information. Make sure to have the answers to the following questions ready when using the Ownership Information Submission tool:

If submitting a change in ownership or a sale of assets...

  • When did the change or sale happen? 
  • Who owned the business before the change or sale?
    For a corporation, please be prepared to provide ownership percentages. If the business was owned by a legal entity like a partnership or corporation, please provide the names of the individuals who own the legal entity.
  • Who owned the business after the change or sale? 
  • Are the new owners family members of the prior owners?
    Be prepared to tell us how they are related – not all family members are treated the same way for experience rating purposes.
  • Are the prior owners still in business? 
  • What happened to the employees?
    If the prior owners are still in business, did the new owners take most of their employees or only a minority? If the prior owners are no longer in business, did the new owners make any drastic staffing changes, or are most of the prior owner’s employees now working for the new owners?
  • Do the new owners own any other businesses?
    Finally, please be prepared to explain what happened in your own words. If your client has provided a letter explaining what happened, you can upload it via the online tool.

If requesting a combination or separation of experience where there is no change in ownership...

  • Who owns each of the businesses involved?
    You will need to provide complete information about your client including business address, policy information (such as insurer, policy number and policy effective dates) and ownership type and breakdown. For example, if the business is a corporation, provide owners’ names and percentages.

 If you only have detailed ownership information for your client’s business, please provide as much information as you can for the other business(es) in your submission to the WCIRB.

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