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Understanding 2019 Experience Rating Form Changes

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Understanding 2019 Experience Rating Form Changes

February 6, 2019

The new year brings changes to the WCIRB Experience Rating Form. This form, also known as a ratesheet, is the best way for you to see the data we have on file, so here’s what you should know about those changes:

  • Claims Less Than $2,001
    The 2019 form lists each claim individually under the Summary of Claims and Actual Losses section. The 2018 version grouped all claims less than $2,001 into one single line item.
  • Actual Primary Excess
    Because the new, simplified experience rating formula no longer includes actual primary excess losses in the calculation, the 2019 form does not display the actual excess losses in the Summary of Claims and Actual Losses section.
  • 2019 Experience Rating Formula
    The bottom of the form shows the new, simplified formula that went into effect on January 1, 2019.

Use the WCIRB’s interactive sample form – found in the Learning Center of – to easily compare the 2019 form with the 2018 version.

Policyholders can get a copy of their Experience Rating Form once per year at no cost through the Experience Rating Worksheet Request, and insurers, agents and brokers can access Experience Rating Forms for their policyholders online through WCIRB Connect.

View the interactive form now

2019 experience rating form worksheet changes ratesheet

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