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WCIRB Classification Resources

July 18, 2018

Located in the Learning Center of, the Classification page makes it easy for you to find everything related to classifying a business – including web articles on trending topics, educational information and online tools. Here are some of the resources you will find on the Classification page:

Classification Search
The WCIRB Classification Search tool allows you to do a full text search across all standard classifications or by industry group to view classification phraseologies, footnotes, related rules and approved pure premium rates. You may also enter keywords to see a list of related classification phraseologies and browse the list of over 500 classifications by numeric or alphabetical order.  

Educational Resources on the Standard Classification System 
Register for WCIRB CompEssentials® Classification Basics, our self-paced online training course where you can learn the fundamental rules of the California Standard Classification System. Licensed property and casualty agents can obtain continuing education credit for completing the course. 

Browse the Online Guide to Workers’ Compensation, which provides an overview of the Standard Classification System and explains basic principles such as assignment by analogy, single versus multiple enterprises, general inclusions and exclusions, and more.

Classification Listings 
You can download the classification listings sorted numerically and alphabetically, construction and erection classifications and a historical summary of the Dual Wage Classifications going back to 1988.  

Articles on Trending Classification Topics
The WCIRB covers trending classification topics through our Classification and Test Audit Insight articles. You can browse past editions of the Classification and Test Audit Insight and filter them by topic on the WCIRB E-Newsletters page. 

To view everything related to classification, view and bookmark our dedicated Classification page at the link below.