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WCIRB Classification Search Updated with 2018 Classification Changes

October 4, 2017

The WCIRB has updated the Classification Search tool on to reflect new and revised classifications effective January 1, 2018. You can search classifications by keyword or classification code and view current classification phraseologies, footnotes and related USRP rules. The Classification Search also provides the prior year’s phraseology for comparison, which can be found at the bottom of each classification’s Detail Record page in the Prior Phraseology and Footnote section.

More Resources on 2018 Classification Changes

The following documents are available in the Classifications Listings section of the Classifications page on

Stay Tuned

Upcoming editions of the Classification and Test Audit Insight e-newsletter will discuss in detail many of the new classifications approved for January 1, 2018. Stay subscribed and let your colleagues know that they can sign up to receive Classification and Test Audit Insight e-newsletters at

WCIRB CompEssentials – Classification Basics 

Agents, brokers, insurers and other industry professionals can learn more about California’s Standard Classification System through our online learning course, WCIRB CompEssentials – Classification Basics. The course consists of nine self-paced modules that cover:

  • How to apply the rules of the USRP, including concepts such as Single Enterprise, Multiple Enterprises, Special Industry Classification Procedures, Standard Exceptions, General Inclusions and General Exclusions
  • How to read classification phraseologies and footnotes
  • How to use WCIRB resources to help determine the correct workers’ compensation classification for basic operations
  • How the WCIRB classification inspection process works
  • How to get classification assistance on unique and complex operation

For licensed property casualty agents, Classification Basics is approved for five continuing education units (CEU) by the California Department of Insurance.

Register now at