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WCIRB CompEssentials® New Features and Content

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WCIRB CompEssentials® New Features and Content

March 29, 2017

Classification Basics

Last November, the WCIRB launched its new online training program WCIRB CompEssentials®. The first course available is Classifications Basics, which provides an overview of the basic rules and regulations pertaining to the Standard Classification System. This course consists of nine self-paced modules featuring interactive examples and knowledge checks to let you practice applying key concepts. In addition, hands-on demonstrations help you become familiar with WCIRB tools and resources that you can use to classify businesses.

Classification Basics has garnered praise and positive reviews from graduates. To learn more about CompEssentials, view a brief video.

Multi-Seat Purchases

A new feature is now available that enables multi-seat purchases. This convenient functionality allows you to purchase enrollment in a course for multiple people at one time. If you are a manager, responsible for training, or oversee employees who would benefit from taking this course, enrolling just got easier. Instead of individual enrollment you now have the ability to enroll and pay for two or more learners all at once. Learn more about this and how to purchase a CompEssentials course by watching a quick demo.


The CompEssentials portal includes free educational materials. Log in now to access multiple webinars with topics including the Mod Talks series, First Aid Claims reporting and potential 2019 changes to experience rating and more.

New Courses in 2017

The WCIRB is pleased to announce that additional CompEssentials courses will be available later in 2017.

  • Experience Rating Fundamentals - This course will cover the rules and regulations governing the Experience Rating System. You will learn about experience modifications, including how a business qualifies for one, how they are calculated, and what factors cause X-mods to increase or decrease.
  • Ownership and Combination of Entities - This course will be available Fall 2017 and provides an overview of how changes in ownership for a business impacts experience rating, a topic that consistently generates questions from insures, agents and brokers.

Just like Classification Basics, these CompEssentials courses will be eligible for CEU credit toward a California Property-Casualty license.

To be notified once these and other courses are available, sign up to join the WCIRB Educational Resources mailing list.