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WCIRB Comprehensive Risk Summary Report How-To’s and FAQs

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WCIRB Comprehensive Risk Summary Report How-To’s and FAQs

April 12, 2017

The Comprehensive Risk Summary (CRS) Report™ is an extremely valuable resource for licensed property-casualty agents and brokers. The CRS report, accessed through WCIRB Connect®, features a fast and convenient way to access detailed information including up to 10 years of historical data for both experience rated and non-experience rated policyholders.

To assist agents and brokers with accessing the CRS report and answer questions they may have, the WCIRB compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and how-to educational resources:

Q. What claim information is included in the CRS?
A. The CRS includes USR data from all policies for the Bureau Number effective within the past 8 years. The Report Level displayed on the CRS is the highest USR Report Level processed by the WCIRB for each policy.

Q. Why won’t the system allow me to request another CRS report for the same policyholder?
A. An individual user can only request the CRS once within a 30-day period for a Bureau Number. The CRS files will remain in your On-Demand Reports menu for 30 days and then will be purged automatically.

Q. Has anything changed with respect to authorizing ratesheets and inspection reports?
A. No. To authorize ratesheets and inspection reports, agents and brokers can still submit either a signed Form 810 or the Policy Information Page, but only if it identifies them as the Broker of Record.

Q. What if I requested the CRS by accident?
A. Notify us immediately if you mistakenly requested the CRS. We review all CRS requests to ensure proper authorization. Failure to provide a completed Form 810 on or before accessing the CRS policyholder data may result in termination of your access to WCIRB Connect and referral to the CDI for appropriate action.

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More Resources

WCIRB Connect’s Knowledge Center provides a CRS user manual and quick sheet guide on authorizing access to the CRS report. Log into WCIRB Connect now to view these resources>