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WCIRB Connect for Claims Adjusters

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WCIRB Connect for Claims Adjusters

Insurer claims adjusters can now take advantage of the Claims Coverage Research feature for WCIRB Connect. Claims Coverage Research provides insurer claims adjusters immediate access to detailed coverage information for policies back to 1996 to aid in proper claims handling. The Claims Coverage Research feature is available at no cost to WCIRB insurer members and eliminates the need for insurer claims adjusters to submit hard copy coverage research requests.

WCIRB Connect Claims Coverage Research

To conduct a coverage search, an insurer claims adjuster must attest that he/she is authorized to access the information and must enter specific claim data such as claimant name, insured employer name, insurer claim number, date of injury, and either a Jurisdiction Claim Number (JCN) or an Adjudication Unit (ADJ) authorization number. Based on this information, WCIRB Connect will provide:

  • Policy numbers
  • Insurer names
  • Inception and expiration dates for policies from 1996 and onward
  • A printable report containing the results of the search

If you have questions, please email [email protected].