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WCIRB Connect® To Launch Claims Coverage Research Feature

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WCIRB Connect® To Launch Claims Coverage Research Feature

February 10, 2016

WCIRB Connect® expansion gives claims adjusters faster access to coverage information.

The WCIRB provides workers’ compensation coverage information to parties involved in a pending workers' compensation claim. Until now, obtaining detailed coverage information required insurers to complete a Coverage Research Request Form, pay a fee and wait for the WCIRB to process the request.

Beginning in March, the WCIRB will launch the new Claims Coverage Research feature for WCIRB Connect. Claims Coverage Research provides insurer claims adjusters immediate access to detailed coverage information for policies back to 1996 to aid in proper claims handling. The Claims Coverage Research feature is available at no cost to WCIRB insurer members and will eliminate the need for insurer claims adjusters to submit hard copy coverage research requests.

WCIRB Connect Claims Coverage Research

To conduct a coverage search, an insurer claims adjuster must attest that he/she is authorized to access the information and must enter specific claim data such as claimant name, insured employer name, insurer claim number, date of injury, and either a Jurisdiction Claim Number (JCN) or an Adjudication Unit (ADJ) authorization number. Based on this information, WCIRB Connect will provide:

  • Policy numbers
  • Insurer names
  • Inception and expiration dates for policies from 1996 and onward
  • A printable report containing the results of the search

Help Us Reach Your Claim Team

This feature will reduce costs and streamline your claims adjusters’ workflow. Please help us reach this new audience by forwarding this information to your colleagues who have responsibility for claims handling. To learn how to obtain access to the WCIRB Connect Claims Coverage Research feature, visit the WCIRB Connect page of

If you have questions, please email [email protected].

Additional Resources

Injured workers and their attorneys, policyholders and medical providers should continue to use WCIRB Form 807, Coverage Research Service Request  to obtain coverage information. Requests for coverage information for policies prior to 1996 must be submitted using Form 807.

Injured workers, employers and others may obtain at no cost the name of the insurer that wrote a California workers’ compensation insurance policy for a specific employer on a specific date within the last five years using the California Workers’ Compensation Coverage Inquiry ( website.