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WCIRB Connect® for MGAs, Data Submitters, Fee Auditors and other Third Parties

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WCIRB Connect® for MGAs, Data Submitters, Fee Auditors and other Third Parties

March 11, 2015

In this edition: Procedures for WCIRB members to grant access to select information to third parties. 

Some WCIRB members use third party entities (TPE), including third party administrators, managing general agents (MGA) and fee audit companies, to act on their behalf for purposes such as data submissions, premium auditing, and communication with the WCIRB. The WCIRB Connect® online services (formerly “STAR Online”) can provide TPEs access to rate sheets, inspection reports, experience modifications and other policyholder information, and policy and unit statistical report information.

To establish access, insurers must complete Form 902 Third Party Entity Registration and execute a Consent to Use Third Party Entity and Agreement to Indemnify. Once the agreement is in place and any necessary system testing is complete, the WCIRB will accept certain types of information and data including policy forms, unit statistical reports, aggregate financial information, medical transaction data, and related correspondence from TPEs. In addition — pursuant to the applicable authorization — the WCIRB will release certain information and data to authorized TPEs, will communicate with TPEs, and facilitate access to the WCIRB Connect.

WCIRB Connect Third Party Entity Options

Regardless of which configuration option the insurer selects for its TPEs, all TPE accounts include access to basic policyholder information such as:

  • X-Mods, including eligibility and X-Mod history information

  • Risk Summary Report showing 10 years of X-Mod history, WCIRB assigned classifications, primary name and address and other basic policyholder information summarized in a downloadable report

  • Unlimited subscriptions to X-Mod Direct email alerts

  • WCIRB assigned classification information

  • Policyholder primary name and primary address

In addition to this basic policyholder information, insurers may choose to grant access to additional information for their TPEs by selecting from one of the three different TPE access options.

  1. Restricted – Submitter 
    TPEs with this access level may view the basic policyholder information described above and may also view the insurer’s policy and USR data provided that the TPE submitted either the policy or USR data and that the TPE is identified as the submitter on the Electronic Transmission Record (ETR) accompanying the policy or USR data file.
  2. Restricted – Policyholder Search 
    TPEs with this access level may view basic policyholder information and may also view all of the rate sheets and inspection reports for the insurer’s policyholders. This information is commonly required by TPEs, including MGAs, and those involved in the production or review of premium audits.
  3. Unrestricted – Insurer Level
    TPEs with this access level may view the same screens, reports and information that the insurer is able to view, for all of the insurer’s policyholders. In other words, the TPE will have access to all of the insurer’s data regardless of whether the TPE submits or receives such data.

The exhibit below summarizes each of the TPE options in the WCIRB Connect system. Click on the image for a bigger view.


WCIRB Connect Third Party Configuration Options

To learn more about using third parties, see the Using Third Parties page in the Data Reporting section of the WCIRB website ( If you are a third party data submitter, MGA, fee auditor or other TPE and would like to access WCIRB Connect, contact the WCIRB member and discuss WCIRB Connect access. Only WCIRB members may request TPE access to WCIRB Connect.

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