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WCIRB Connect® Work Queue Enhancements

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WCIRB Connect® Work Queue Enhancements

The WCIRB has launched new features for WCIRB Connect® to help users more efficiently and effectively manage their WCIRB Connect Work Queues.

Work Queue Search Features Enhanced

The WCIRB Connect Work Queue page layout has been updated to include:

  • The Work Type, Work Subtype, Status and State Fields are now multi-select drop downs to make querying faster and easier
  • The Error Code field allows up to 10 error codes to be queried at one time
  • The Work Queue search layout has been improved to show all search criteria on the same page and allow for easier filtering

New! Instant Query Response Feature: Work Queue 360

WCIRB Connect has a new work queue feature called Work Queue 360 that allows easy communication between the WCIRB and WCIRB Connect users on work items that require additional or clarifying information.

With Work Queue 360, users are now able to view follow-up comments regarding a WCIRB Connect work item directly in your Work Queue grid using the Comments icon. Click the icon to open a Comments pop-up showing a log of all comments and supporting file attachments (if any) regarding the Connect work item.

WCIRB Connect work items with follow-up comments from the WCIRB will appear at the top of your Work Queue, will be highlighted in gold, and will have a state of 'Secondary Review Required.' These identifying characteristics will help the user quickly identify the work items that require further attention.

If users respond to a Connect work item indicating an endorsement / correction is to be submitted, the work item will change to gray pending receipt of the submission. If the endorsement / correction is not received 30 days from the date the correction was stated to be submitted, the work item will be escalated to a state of 'Secondary Review Required' and highlighted in gold.

Work Queue 360 Training Webinars

Prior to the release of Work Queue 360, the WCIRB conducted a series of webinars to educate users of the new enhancements. Log into WCIRB Connect to view video recordings of these webinars. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team at [email protected].