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WCIRB at InsurFEST 2016: Providing Information and Resources to Agents and Brokers

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WCIRB at InsurFEST 2016: Providing Information and Resources to Agents and Brokers

November 16, 2016

Earlier this month, the WCIRB joined hundreds of insurance agents and brokers from all over California to participate in InsurFest 2016, presented by the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of California (IIABCal).

 At the event, the WCIRB continued its mission to educate the workers’ compensation community and provide the tools for insurers, agents and brokers to help them perform their job more efficiently. Dave Bellusci, WCIRB EVP and Chief Actuary, gave a presentation on the Experience Rating Plan changes effective January 1, 2017 which included a walkthrough of the variable split plan and how 2017 experience modifications are calculated. WCIRB Education and Outreach Coordinator, Tim Beery, was on the show floor talking with agents and brokers about the latest online resources available to them on and WCIRB Connect® such as:

  • Comprehensive Risk Summary (CRS) Report™ – Licensed agents and brokers can now access a detailed report of policyholder information on WCIRB Connect that includes up to 10 years of historical data, classification information and exposure and loss details. Agents and brokers who would like to access this report will need to obtain authorization from the policyholder by using the updated Form 810. (Please delete any old versions of the form that you may have as they will no longer be accepted.)  
  • Online Ownership Information Submission Tool – Changes in ownership can now be submitted electronically through WCIRB Connect, making the process quicker and more efficient, and replacing the use of Form 601, Notification of Change in Ownership and/or Combinability of Entities Form, which will no longer be accepted after December 1, 2016.
  • Classification Search Tool – Now updated with approved classification phraseology changes and pure premium rate values effective January 1, 2017, this tool lets agents and brokers quickly search for classifications by keyword or classification code.
  • 2017 Experience Modification Estimator – This Excel-based tool can help demonstrate how a policyholder’s experience modification may be affected by the 2017 experience rating plan changes.
  • WCIRB E-Newsletters and WCIRB Wire Alerts – Users can be notified via email of the latest WCIRB news, publication and actuarial report releases and new product and services announcements through this News and Notes e-newsletter and WCIRB Wire Email Alerts. The Classification and Test Audit Insight e-newsletter offers help on how to classify businesses and information about new and trending classifications. Subscribe to these email alerts here>

To learn more about what the WCIRB does and how the workers’ compensation system works in California, visit the Learning Center on to access even more agents and brokers resources.

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