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Information Available From the WCIRB and Where to Find Additional Information

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Information Available From the WCIRB and Where to Find Additional Information

March 5, 2014


The WCIRB Customer Service Department provides assistance to insurers, agents and brokers and policyholders on a wide variety of workers' compensation issues. In a typical year, the ten-person Customer Service team responds to more than 100,000 inquiries.

Answers to many common questions are available on the WCIRB's website ( and additional information is available to insurers, agents and brokers, and government agencies via  WCIRB Connect ( The WCIRB operates these free online tools to make accessing information as easy as possible and to reduce the time spent calling the WCIRB.

Some of what is included in these free online services is shown below:

 WCIRB Connect 


  • Access to experience modifications, eligibility information and experience modification status
  • Access to experience rating worksheets and inspection reports for your policyholders and for other policyholders if authorized
  • Manage USR and policy audit errors electronically
  • Respond to test audit selections electronically by uploading documents directly to WCIRB Connect

Agents and Brokers

  • Access to experience modifications, experience modification eligibility and experience modification status to see why an experience modification has not been issued
  • Ability to subscribe to receive X-Mod Direct alerts when an experience modification is issued
  • Access to WCIRB-assigned classification information
  • Instant access to experience rating worksheets and inspection reports if authorized

WCIRB Website

  • Search classification keywords to help find the right classification for a business with the Classification Search tool
  • Access the latest news via the WCIRB Wire
  • Review the latest actuarial and workers' compensation research in the Research and Analysis section
  • In the Publications and Filings section, view and download manuals and plans approved by the Insurance Commissioner along with regulatory filings
  • In the Learning Center, access extensive online educational information about workers' compensation and watch Education on Demand video learning modules
  • View frequently asked questions and answers
  • In the Data Reporting section, access information for data submitters regarding data quality and statutorily required data submissions

California Workers' Compensation Coverage Inquiry Website

  • Find the name of the insurer who wrote coverage for an employer within the last 5 years
  • Search for coverage information by FEIN or employer name

The WCIRB also receives workers' compensation questions that are beyond its jurisdiction. Below is a table that may help answer some of these questions.   

Question or Issue Resource Link/Contact Info

Insurer rate filings

California Department of Insurance - Rate Filing Division

Premium audit disputes

Each insurer is required to have a dispute process outlined in the Notice to Policyholder  within the insured's policy

USL&H coverage

US Department of Labor

Obtaining a workers’ compensation insurance policy

Check with a licensed California insurer

Insurer contact information

California Department of Insurance

Employment status

California Department of Industrial Relations

Location exclusions on a policy

California Labor Code §3352

Insurance fraud

California Department of Insurance

To learn more about the WCIRB's Customer Service department and other commonly used online resources, see the WCIRB Customer Service video.

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