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Obtaining Coverage Information

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Obtaining Coverage Information

March 19, 2014


The website turns 2 years old.

March 1, 2014 marked the two year anniversary for the WCIRB's coverage information website ( The purpose of the Coverage Website is to assist in identifying the name of an insurance company that wrote a California workers' compensation insurance policy for a specific policyholder on a specific day within the last 5 years. Only insured coverage information is shown. Information about self-insured employers can be obtained from the California Office of Self-Insurance Plans. See

Coverage Website Features:

  • The Coverage Website is free and available to anyone with a web browser.
  • Users can search for coverage information by Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or company name. Up to 5 years of coverage information is available.
  • The Coverage Website includes a link directly to the insurer search page on the California Department of Insurance website making it easy to locate insurer contact information.

Users should read all disclaimers and notifications on the Coverage Website before using the information for any purpose, and all information should be verified with the policyholder or insurer.

Insurers, employers, injured workers and others who are unable to locate coverage information using the Coverage Website may contact the WCIRB directly for assistance. See the Coverage Research page in the Products and Services section of the WCIRB website.

Coverage Website

Coverage Research

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