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Searching Classification Phraseologies

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Searching Classification Phraseologies

April 16, 2014


Earlier this year, the WCIRB launched the Classification Search  tool on This new functionality allows users the ability to enter keywords to find a list of all classification phraseologies that contain the keyword or that are commonly associated with the keyword. For instance, if you search for “doctor”, the Classification Search will return Classification 8834, Physicians –all employees – including Clerical Office Employees.

Classification Search allows users to do a full text search across all standard classifications or by industry group. Advanced search features allow users to combine or exclude keywords or use wildcard search characters.

The Classification Search tool includes many other useful features, such as the pure premium rate history for each classification, the ability to sort classification phraseologies numerically or alphabetically, and classification listings by industry group or other classification attributes.

Since its launch, the Classification Search has become one of the most popular features of the website and over 14,000 searches have been performed. We continue to add new keywords to make it even more useful. Classification Search is free and does not require a login to use, and is accessible on all browsers and mobile devices, making it a convenient and easy-to-use search tool for our customers.

Classification Search is available in the Learning Center section of the WCIRB's website:

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