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Where Can I Find...???

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Where Can I Find...???

August 26, 2015

While the combination of our online resources (, WCIRB Connect and and our Customer Service team can answer all of your questions regarding the WCIRB and its products and services, there are many workers’ compensation related topics which fall outside of the WCIRB’s jurisdiction or subject matter expertise. Below are some links to additional resources that may be helpful in finding answers to your workers’ compensation questions that are not within the WCIRB’s purview.


Question or Issue Regarding...

Helpful Resources

Insurer rate filings
- Questions about insurers’ rate filings and their approved premium rates by classification code.
California Department of Insurance - Rate 

Policyholders’ premium audit disputes 
- Questions about premium audit disputes regarding your insurance policy should be directed to your insurance carrier.
California Department of Insurance - Workers’ Compensation Contact Information: Insurer Review

United States Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Insurance (USL&H) 
- Questions regarding USL&H coverage.
US Department of Labor - Division of Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation 

Obtaining workers’ compensation insurance coverage
- Questions about which workers’ compensation insurance carriers provide insurance in California.
California Department of Insurance - Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Licensed Workers’ Compensation Insurance Companies

Insurer contact information  California Department of Insurance – Insurance Company Profiles

Employment status
- Questions about rules and regulations regarding employee status.
California Department of Industrial Relations

Self-Insured Employers 
- Questions regarding employers who are legally self-insured, or inquiries regarding self-insured employers.
Department of Self Insurance Plans

Insurance Fraud
- Questions about insurance fraud and how to report insurance fraud.
California Department of Insurance - Fraud Division

Owner or officer exclusion
- Questions concerning owner or officer exclusion from workers’ compensation coverage.
Division of Labor Standards Enforcement


Workers’ Compensation Insurance Requirements Inquiries
- Questions regarding when workers’ compensation insurance is required.
Division of Labor Standards Enforcement

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