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Where to Find Educational Information on the WCIRB Website

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Where to Find Educational Information on the WCIRB Website

June 11, 2014

The Learning Center section of the WCIRB website ( was designed as the central location for educational information. Here you will find the Online Guide to Workers' Compensation, links to Education on Demand video modules, a glossary, helpful links and answers to frequently asked questions.

Online Guide to Workers' Compensation

The Guide contains several modules covering the basics of workers' compensation insurance. These modules include:

  • An Introduction to the WCIRB and Workers' Compensation In California 
    This section explains the role of the WCIRB and provides information concerning what is covered by a workers' compensation insurance policy, how the industry is regulated and where to go for assistance for issues beyond the WCIRB's purview.
  • The Rates You Pay: Insurer Rates and Pure Premium Rates Explained
    This section covers the difference between Pure Premium Rates and the rates charged by an insurer.
  • The Standard Classification System
    This section explains the basic principles of the classification system including assignment by analogy, single vs. multiple enterprises, general inclusions and exclusions, and more.
  • California's Experience Rating System
    Experience rating can have a big impact on a company's workers' compensation insurance premium. This section explains the purpose of the system, the eligibility requirements, the source of experience rating data and the experience modification calculation.
  • Ownership
    Changesin business ownership, employees and operations may have an impact on experience rating. This section covers changes in ownership and what happens to an employer's experience when changes occur.
  • Resources
    Where to find additional sources of information such as the appeals process, California Insurance Code and useful reference publications.

Visit the Online Guide to Workers' Compensation now.

Education on Demand Video Modules 

The Education on Demand video modules are the latest additions to the WCIRB's educational offerings. Each module is approximately 12-15 minutes and the series covers essential topics such as classification, experience rating, ownership and preparing for a final audit. More modules are under development and will be added in the coming months.

Current Education on Demand modules include:

  • Introduction to Ownership 
  • Classification Basics
  • Classification Standard Exceptions
  • Preparing for the Workers' Compensation Premium Audit
  • Introduction to Experience Rating
  • Experience Rating Loss Valuation and Reporting
  • Eligibility and Qualification

There are also modules on WCIRB Data Reporting and WCIRB Research Forum webinars.

Visit the Education on Demand video modules now.

Other Resources

Other resources in the Learning Center include a Glossary of workers' compensation terms, links to other workers' compensation community websites that may be of interest and answers to frequently asked questions. New FAQs are being added all the time. To see everything that is available, visit the Learning Center.


If you have a suggestion for future educational information - website content, an e-newsletter topic, FAQs or Education on Demand modules-please email them to [email protected].


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