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How to Find Inspection Reports

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How to Find Inspection Reports

April 30, 2021

A quick way for insurers and third party entities (TPEs) to obtain a copy of a policyholder's inspection report is through WCIRB Connect®. For a detailed overview, visit the WCIRB Classification Inspection Report page.

Follow these easy steps to find inspection reports:

1. Log in to WCIRB Connect.

2. Click to open the Walk Me Through help menu and select Find Inspection Reports.

3. Click the Start button.

4. Click Search in the top ribbon.

5. Notice the Inspection Report radio button is selected – enter search criteria such as date range.

6. After you’ve entered search criteria, click the Search button in the bottom right.

7. When inspection report results appear at the bottom of the screen, do one of the following:

  • Click on the Street Address link to open an Inspection Report PDF.
  • Narrow results by adding an Industry/Class Code or a Region/Zip Code in the Search Criteria area.