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Information for Employers

Information for Employers

The WCIRB provides a variety of resources for California employers.

The Dispute Process

Learn more about the process of disputing a WCIRB action or an insurer's action. Read more>

The Workers' Compensation Policyholder Ombudsman

The Ombudsman can help you better understand workers' compensation
insurance. Read more>

2017 Experience Rating Plan Changes: The Importance of Audit Compliance on Experience Rating

Learn the importance of workers' compensation audits and reporting payroll. Read more>

Policyholder Information and Free Ratesheet Request

Obtain copies of experience rating worksheets and inspection reports. Read more>

Classification Inspections and Test Audits: What to Expect?

Learn about the purpose and process of classification inspections and test audits. Read more>

Education on Demand Videos for Employers

The WCIRB receives workers' compensation questions that are beyond its jurisdiction. Below is a list of resources that may help answer some of your questions.

Question or Issue Resource/Link
Insurer Contact Information California Department of Insurance: Insurance Company Profile Search
Insurance Fraud California Department of Insurance: Fraud Division Overview
Insurer Rate Comparisons California Department of Insurance: Worker's Comp Rate Comparison
Insurer Dispute Process Contacts California Department of Insurance: Who to Contact
Employment Status California Department of Industrial Relations: Independent Contractor vs. Employee
Self Insured Employers California Department of Industrial Relations: Self Insured Employers
Insurance Coverage Requirements California Department of Industrial Relations: FAQs
Employer Coverage Information California Workers' Compensation Coverage Inquiry Website


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