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Outside Salespersons

In addition to employees who perform basic business operations, many businesses have outside salespersons. These activities, referred to as Standard Exceptions, are a deviation from the one-business, one-classification rule. Since outside sales activities are commonly performed and carry a relatively low risk of injury, most businesses are permitted to use these Standard Exception classifications for the workers who conduct exclusively outside sales or clerical office work.

Classification 8742

Classification 8742, Salespersons – outside, applies to employees who spend 100 percent of their work time in the field, calling customers and performing activities to promote their employer's business. It also applies to employees who act as outside salespersons on a part-time basis provided they perform strictly clerical work when working at their employer's location. For this reason, Classification 8742 is usually not applicable to regional or zone managers, supervisors and similar employees who may work in a non-clerical area while at one of their employer's facilities.

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