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Insurers Overview

Insurers Overview

The WCIRB provides various online tools to assist insurers with transacting California workers' compensation.

WCIRB CompEssentials™

Classification Basics is now available! Learn more about the WCIRB 's new workers' compensation online training program. Read more>

Topics of Interest

WCIRB Connect®

A web-based tool providing insurers with products and services to manage their own data. Read more>

Classification Search

Use this online tool to search classification phraseologies by keywords. Read more>

Online Guide to Workers' Compensation

Learn more about  rates, classification, experience rating, ownership and other topics to better understand the California workers' compensation system. Read more>

WCIRB New Member Information

Learn more about becoming a member of the WCIRB. View new member requirements, responsibilities, and other useful information for insurance companies planning to be a part of the California workers’ compensation community. Read more>

Update Member Office and Contact Information

Members can inform the WCIRB of updates to their office and/or contact information by completing Form 804, WCIRB Member Office and Contact Designation and submitting it electronically to the WCIRB’s Data Quality Assurance Office. Download the Form>


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