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Classification and Rating Committee to Meet July 23, 2013

The WCIRB Classification and Rating Committee will meet on July 23, 2013 at the WCIRB’s office in San Francisco. At the meeting, the Committee will review:

  • Potential January 1, 2015 changes to Experience Rating
  • The Draft Report on Farmers’ Markets and Amusement Parks or Exhibitions
  • The Filing process for regulatory changes
  • The Report on the Advisory Rulings and Interpretations Companion to the California Workers’ Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan–1995 (Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan)
  • The Draft Report on Potential Changes to the Physical Audit Threshold
  • The Draft Report on Dual Wage Thresholds
  • Electronic policy reporting requirements
  • Proposed revisions to the Effective Data Rule found in the Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan, Experience Rating Plan, and Miscellaneous Regulations for the Recording and Reporting of Data—1995
  • Classification relativities

The full agenda, including the location and time of the meeting, is available on the Classification and Rating Committee page of the WCIRB’s website (

WCIRB Classification & Rating Committee Meeting - July 23, 2013 Agenda

July 17, 2013