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C&R Committee to Meet April 25

The WCIRB Classification and Rating Committee will meet on April 25, 2017 at the WCIRB’s office in Oakland, California.

At the meeting, the Committee will review the following items:

  • Self-Insured data reporting
  • Proposed 2019 experience rating formula changes 
  • Terrorism premium and exposure data reporting
  • Physical audit threshold
  • Payroll – Remuneration
  • Anniversary rating date changes
  • Draft Classification Study for Installation, Service and Repair of Building Security Systems, Audio/Video Systems, Office Machines, Computer Systems, Telephone Systems and Instruments
  • Draft Classification Study for Athletic and Fitness Instruction, Exercise Facilities, Clubs and Baths
  • Draft Classification Study for Retail Video Media, Audio Media and Book Stores
  • Draft report of proposed classification enhancements to the California Workers’ Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan—1995
  • Non-Substantive Amendments
  • Draft Study of Dual Wage Thresholds

The full agenda, including the location and time of the meeting, is available on the Committee Meeting Documents page in the Publications and Filings section of the WCIRB’s website (

•    WCIRB Classification and Rating Committee Meeting – April 25, 2017 Agenda

April 14, 2017