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C&R Committee to Meet January 22

The WCIRB Classification and Rating Committee will meet on January 22, 2019 at the WCIRB’s office in Oakland, California.

At the meeting, the Committee will review the following:

  • Proposed changes to Workers Compensation Policy Reporting Specifications (WCPOLS) policy data reporting requirements
  • Proposed changes to group insurance requirements
  • Draft Ice Manufacturing, Ice Dealers, Creameries and Dairy Products Manufacturing Study
  • Draft Aircraft Industry Ticket Sellers and Information Clerks Study
  • Draft Wrecking or Demolition and Building Raising or Moving Special Industry Classification Procedures Study
  • Draft Non-Electronic Instrument Mfg. Study
  • Proposed Classification Enhancements

The full agenda, including the location and time of the meeting, is available on the Committee Meeting Documents page on the WCIRB’s website (

WCIRB Classification and Rating Committee Meeting – January 22, 2019 Agenda


January 8, 2019