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WCIRB Launches STAR Phase 2–Ramps Up Online Access Enrollment

On July 22, 2013, the WCIRB announced the successful launch of Phase 2 of its STAR operating system.  This major release – which includes a new policy processing system and a new suite of online services – culminates a three-year effort to replace the WCIRB’s mainframe system and to modernize and transform how the WCIRB does business. This significant and complex project was delivered on time and under budget.  

Bill Mudge, WCIRB President and CEO, commented “STAR is the product of a successful partnership among the WCIRB, our members, and our technology partner, Tata Consultancy Services. It represents a tremendous leap forward in our capabilities and offers insurers an opportunity to streamline their interactions with us, reduce costs, and improve operational performance.”

More Robust Policy Processing

STAR’s policy processing system improves the efficiency of the WCIRB’s policy validation and audit process as well as captures significantly more policy elements – including endorsement details, policyholder locations and producer information.  Much of this is made possible by the system’s ability to capture all policy data electronically in accordance with the national WCPOLS standards. With these enhancements, the WCIRB is poised to completely eliminate the receipt and keying of paper documents.

STAR Online – The Next Generation of Online Services

This release provides insurers with online access to their unit statistical reports (USR), experience rate worksheets and WCIRB issued correspondence and reports. It also provides an online queue for managing and resolving USR audit errors, and various tools for benchmarking and managing USR submissions. In the 4th Quarter 2013, STAR Online will expand to provide insurers access to their policy data, classification inspection reports, and test audit results. Insurer enrollment for STAR Online began on July 11 and more than a dozen insurers have already initiated the process for signing up for this new system.

STAR Online for Agents and Brokers – Coming 4th Quarter 2013

In the 4th Quarter 2013, STAR Online will be further enhanced to provide licensed agents and brokers free access to experience modifications, WCIRB assigned classifications, and X-Mod Alerts. Agents and brokers of record will also be able to download experience rating worksheets and classification inspection reports for their policyholders.

When fully deployed, STAR Online will replace the services now being provided by Until then, agents and brokers should continue to use the free service to access experience modifications and other resources.

For More Information about STAR or STAR Online, please see:

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July 22, 2013