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WCIRB Streamlines Letter of Authorization Process

The WCIRB is partnering with Docusign® to modernize how insurers, agents and brokers request authorization from policyholders to access Ratesheets, Inspection Reports and Comprehensive Risk Summary (CRS) Reports® through WCIRB Connect®

Beginning in August 2018, the entire letter of authorization process will be online and fully integrated with WCIRB Connect.  No longer will users have to print and fill out a letter of authorization to access policyholder data (Form 810), get the policyholder’s wet signature, and scan and upload the document.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. The insurer, agent or broker - who must be an authorized WCIRB Connect user - goes to the policyholder’s page in WCIRB Connect and initiates a request for the desired document(s). This includes providing the name and email address of the authorized policyholder contact; 
  2. Docusign automatically emails the policyholder contact a completed Letter of Authorization, based on information provided by the requesting insurer, agent or broker;
  3. The policyholder contact electronically signs the Letter of Authorization; and
  4. The WCIRB emails the insurer, agent or broker who initiated the request to let them know that the requested information is available for access in WCIRB Connect.

In addition to providing significant savings in time and effort, the digital signature enhances the security and authentication of the authorization process. During a transition period users will still be able to upload a manually signed Letter of Authorization, but the WCIRB will shift entirely to the new digital approach within the next few months.  

This new, streamlined process makes it quicker and easier for users to access a CRS Report, which provides a 10-year history of a policyholder’s policy, payroll and loss data. Learn more about the CRS.

Please note that Ratesheets and Inspection Reports are always available to the insurer of record without any additional authorization requirements, and to agents and brokers after uploading documents proving their status as the agent or broker of record.

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July 5, 2018