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WCIRB Takes Key Steps Toward Straight Through Processing

Straight Through Processing is the WCIRB’s enterprise initiative to modernize how the WCIRB collects, audits and disseminates policy, USR and experience rating data with the objective of minimizing, if not completely eliminating, manual touches associated with the data exchange process. As part of a multi-year initiative, in 2017 the WCIRB focused on three key goals:

  1. Modernize Data Access: streamline insurer members’ access to critical data.
    The WCIRB deployed X-Mods and More™ – a web service that provides insurers machine-to-machine real-time access to risk-level data including experience modifications, named insureds, policy addresses and assigned classifications. This new channel transforms how information is exchanged between the WCIRB and insurer members – and lays the groundwork for the future. 
  1. Increase Efficiency and Accuracy: reduce the end-to-end effort associated with accessing, validating and reporting data.
    At the end of November 2017, WCIRB Connect® enhancements will provide insurers a more focused view of the quality of their data. The enhancements will reduce the volume of items in an insurer’s Work Queue by limiting it to data that must be corrected or otherwise explained for experience rating or coverage purposes. All edit failures for which the WCIRB no longer requires a correction or explanation will be accessible in a new Data Quality Queue. This data will be also summarized in monthly reports and, in some cases, quarterly data quality reports.
  1. Enhance Data Quality    
    The WCIRB continues to provide insurer members better resources for evaluating precisely how their reported data is affecting their results pursuant to the WCIRB’s data quality programs. The WCIRB has proposed updates to the USR data quality program and adopting a policy data quality program to add new measures for timeliness, accuracy and responsiveness. 

The WCIRB will issue wire stories as these product and service enhancements are launched. You can receive email notifications of all wire stories by subscribing to the WCIRB Email Alerts

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November 8, 2017